Misc Photos
Pastor Booth & Holly              2002
Niko, The Sheltie
Poppaw Hanson, Mommaw Hanson, Josh, Holly  Vacation '05 - Great Smoky Mtns
Easter Sunday, 2006
Uncle & Auntie G
L-R: Joanna (Violet's mom), Minnie (Violet's aunt), Addie(Violet's grandmother), Veria(Violet's aunt) - The Hickman Singers @ Moore's Chapel, Louisa KY - 1950's
L-R: Roger Dean, Violet Jean & Ernest "Ernie" Jay Bevins - Violet & her brothers - 2005 
Uncle on Easter Sunday, 2006
Josh tries his hand at being a news anchor while visiting COSI in Columbus OH.  While reading the script that is shown on the top (smaller) set, he can see himself on the bottom (larger) set. 
Sept, 2006 -Holly & Josh after a great day at school
Family Friend, Leroy Martin & Holly
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Uncle "Greene" Parker, Joanna & Dave Bevins (Violet's mom and dad on their wedding day)
Holly - 2006
Josh - 2006
Hickman Sisters - (L-R): Violet Sexton, Minnie Seitz, Joanna Hanson {Violet's Mom on her wedding day}, Nancy Brown
Lafe & Addie Hickman
(Violet's grandparents)
and Family